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DTG Viper - Speedier production from new DTG model

The DTG Digital ViperNottinghamshire based Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES) have recently launched another new model from the DTG range of direct to product ink jet printers that will offer the industry even more flexibility. The Viper is the result of extensive research and development work carried out by both companies.

The Viper marks a big step forward in the flexibility and production capacity of what is still a table top machine. It has a massive print area of A3+ so full front prints are now easily achievable and by utilising a new conveyor system it can also carry a number of t-shirts (or whatever other garment you may be printing) at once.

This aids the method of loading and unloading the machine improving speed and efficiency and therefore productivity.

Along with the increased capacity of the machine there is also a brand new ink system. What DTG and YES Ltd. have done is to devise a pressurised CMYK system that ensures a constant and smooth delivery of ink resulting in consistently good prints. In other words an ink delivery system designed especially for this type of ink. For the white ink The Viper comes fully equipped with the new WIMS (White Ink Management System) which not only gives consistent coverage of white, so important to the end quality of the print, but also reduces the overall amount of white ink used, additionally offering a valuable saving. Where the table top style of machine is concerned The Viper has stretched the possibilities and those looking for a route into this style of printing will do well to check it out.

Although the Viper has only just hit the market DTG and Your Embroidery Services Ltd are already working on the next developments which, we are told, will include a new style of conveyor system print machine and a new way of applying the pre-treat.

For further information contact Your Embroidery Services Ltd on 01623 863343 or visit www.yesltd.co.uk

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