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Display graphics adhesive applications on video

Screenshot of a video clip showing a man cutting print media
Drytac’s series of videos give insight into how the company utilises its adhesive science to develop print media, protective films and bonding tapes.

Drytac has released a series of videos giving insight into how it utilises its adhesive science to develop print media, protective films and bonding tapes and how graphics professionals can use them to achieve “outstanding” results. A behindthe-scenes video narrated by CEO Hayden Kelley looks at how the brand considers the full life cycle of its products from the start of each application to the end. A series of application highlight videos show how Drytac’s self-adhesive graphics products can be used.

As a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large format print and signage markets, each video “informs and inspires” viewers to complete their own projects. An additional film focuses on the Drytac Academy in Bristol which provides an extensive curriculum of training courses for display graphics professionals. It offers the most popular wide-format printing technology from the industry’s biggest brands, to offer a comprehensive educational space reflecting real-world workflows. All videos are available on Drytac’s YouTube channel and on Drytac.com, while individual product pages have been updated with the relevant application highlight video.

“We’re delighted to release these films giving our customers an insight into the Academy and Drytac as a company,” says global marketing manager Amanda Brown. “We’re especially excited to provide application highlights for our products, which we hope will help our users achieve fantastic results.”


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