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AwlTech extends range of diamond polishing machines

Awltech diamond edge polishing machine AM2/AMI series being displayed
The AM2/AMI series will accommodate the varying requirements of a wide range of industries using acrylic and thermoplastic materials.

AwlTech has extended its range of diamond edge-polishing machines with the launch of the new AM2/AMI series. These machines share common as well as individual design and performance characteristics and are available in a choice of three sizes (AM2-I, AMI-C 2100 and AMI-C 3100). These machines will accommodate the varying requirements of a wide range of industries using acrylic and thermoplastic materials including the signage and display sector.

These machines use either a natural or synthetic (PCD) diamond-based cutter to provide a high gloss or matt finish to materials in multiple continuous passes, have variable feed rates of between 500 and 1500mm/min and can polish materials in a thickness of 120mm at an angle of up to 48 degrees.

Key design features include automatic material depth-setting and quick change tool systems, a material hold-down facility based on the use of either five or seven clamps contingent upon the chosen model and touchscreen operation.

The AM2-I edge-polishing machine will handle material in a length of 1400mm but due to the open architecture of this particular model longer lengths can be accommodated if required. The AMI-C 2100 and AMI-C 3100 will handle material lengths of 2100 and 3100mm respectively, with the latter incorporating seven clamps rather than the standard five for enhanced material hold-down efficiency.

Optional features on the AMI-C 2100 and AMI-C 3100 include a facility that enables automatic inclination of the milling motor and material hold-down clamps and a buffing system with integrated mop polisher. All of the machines are CE-rated and carry a one-year performance warranty. In addition, AwlTech can provide a plastics polishing service to companies which do not have or necessarily require a fully operational in-house machining/polishing facility.


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