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Make it happen with moss

letter m covered in mossThe Make it Happen signage consultancy offer an intriguing new material for signs – moss!

Real Icelandic moss is sustainably harvested in Scandinavia, and then preserved by a special stabilizing process. Once preserved, the moss needs no watering, sunlight or maintenance. It will stay fresh for years to come in normal humidity, retaining its natural organic characteristics and being soft to the touch. Moss also contributes to its environment by helping to absorb some of the annoying sounds of a busy public space.

The moss is glued as standard to 3mm MDF boards that can easily be cut to size or shape, and can be used for wall panels or signage. The moss is preserved with saline and dyed to give it consistent colour, as well as variety.

Sam Armstrong, from Make it Happen, said: From childhood I always wanted to and liked to help people, and to solve problems. So after 16 years in the signage industry, I set up a consultancy business to help bring sign concepts to life, using all the materials that I love to work with. Moss is just one of the many fantastic materials I work with, and I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting materials.”


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