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New Freestanding Counter Top Light Panels from Mid West Displays

Freestanding Counter Top Light Panel Freestanding-Counter-Top-Light-Panel2

Mid West Displays has added a new product to its ever growing Light Panel range. The Freestanding Counter Top Light Panels use energy efficient LEDs to illuminate graphics placed within the acrylic pocket and work in exactly the same way as all of their Light Panels. They are made from 6mm acrylic onto which a special light carrying matrix is applied using screen printing techniques. This matrix ensures that the graphics are evenly illuminated and produces an impressive bright light.

"Our customers have demanded a small, flexible version of our Light Panels that could be used on counter tops, by till points or even on bars. With this in mind we have developed this new product," explains Mark Newman for Mid West Displays.

The Counter Top Light Panels are a single unit that plug directly into a mains power point via a 12 volt transformer, making it installation free and easy for customers to use. Mid West Displays manufacture all Light Panel ranges in house and are therefore able to manufacture different shapes, colours and styles depending on the customer's requirements. Logo etching and brand colour matching are also options available.

Freestanding Counter Top Light Panel

"We foresee these Light Panels being extremely popular in bars, restaurants and high street retailers, they are so easy to use they could be used anywhere," said Newman.

Mid West Displays have also adapted their Wall Mounted Light Panel ranges to include a magnetic front which will allow even easier access to change the graphic and means customers can change the colour of the border. The front pocket easily locates itself onto the magnets ensuring a good fit.

The new products can be found on www.midwestdisplays.co.uk or telephone 01743 465531 to request the new 2012 brochure.

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