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New addition to the OKI ColorPainter Premium Family

model of the Oki colorpainter with print coming outOKI Europe Ltd has launched its new ColorPainter E-64s, the new model in the ColorPainter range of professional printers. These cutting-edge devices are setting new standards in high-quality, large-format printing for signage, graphics and interior decoration businesses, says the company.

The 64-inch, wide format ColorPainter E-64s is equipped with ColorPainter technology that has already proved highly-effective in the M-64s and the H3-104s. It provides “premium performance, high levels of precision and ease-of-use while fully supporting entry-level, environmentally-friendly printing”.

Using OKI’s high-pigment ECO solvent SX ink, the printer delivers the “optimum level of colour for high-quality indoor and extra-durable outdoor applications at all print-speeds”. Its low costs of adoption and ability to handle a wide range of media make the E-64s the ideal choice for every user of large-format printers seeking an agile solution, says OKI.

It includes proven technologies from higher-end models designed to ensure optimum results, such as automatic printer adjustments using optical colour sensors; Smart Pass 4; Smart Nozzle Mapping 3; and Dynamic Dot Printing. As well as H3-series features such as the Safe Scanning System.

For printing indoors, where electro-static materials are often used, an optional ionizer supports “outstanding” print output. The ColorPainter E-64s’ construction and functionality makes sure that managing and handling the printer from preparation to operation, right through to maintenance, is convenient and easy.

“The ColorPainter E-64s is a remarkable printer offering print businesses affordable entry to profitable, high-precision, wide-format printing on a large spectrum of media,” says Frank Jänschke, General Manager Marketing, Wide Format Printers, OKI Europe Ltd.

“As an advanced and extremely versatile printer, packed with functionality, it successfully meets all the requirements in a field where commercial opportunities are expanding but must be seized quickly and effectively, to maximise revenue.”

The ColorPainter E-64s retails at €12,990; this price includes take-up unit, ONYX RIP Center and two-year warranty including print heads without nozzle shot or production restrictions.


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