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Caldera launches SnapRIP+

Caldera SnapRIP Logo Caldera, the award winning French software editor specialising in large format printing solutions, will be launching its new product SnapRIP+, a complete printing solution for digital imaging professionals.

SnapRIP+ is Caldera‘s printing software for photo professionals looking for a productive raster printing solution for their Epson, Canon and HP printers. It packs the same power and features as Caldera’s RIP solutions for printing wide format jobs with eye catching colours and contrast.

It includes Layout with Compose; a feature which lets you layout multiple file elements to create a single project page or job merge, nest, rotate and combine different file formats, with manual or numeric positioning. It also includes Step & Repeat and Nest-o-Matik features for optimisng media usage.

SnapRIP+ is upgradable to our productive printing solution VisualRIP+, with a Postscript/PDF engine for producing posters, kakemonos, advertisements, POS and more. VisualRip+ is Caldera’s software solution for professional large format Print and Print-to-Cut workflow and includes Tiling+, a feature enabling users to split up prints into various panels (with bleed, trim marks and grommet placement) for bigger format jobs.

For further information visit www.caldera.eu

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