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Epson Control Dashboard

Epson Dashboard screenshotEpson have introduced their Control Dashboard following the recent launch of the SureColor SC-S Series of wide-format inkjet printers. This they say, is a useful and innovative browser-based management application that helps operators' set-up and print faster and easier than before.

Available exclusively for the SureColor SC-S80600, SC-S60600 and SC-S40600 printers, the Epson Control Dashboard acts as the 'nerve centre' for up to four print devices. It provides the interface to Epson's extensive and growing online database of media profiles. Printing on a new stock is as simple as selecting media type and desired print settings within the Dashboard's intuitive user interface. The Dashboard then automatically downloads an all-inclusive EMX (Epson Media Extension) profile (containing ICC profile, print output parameters and print mode-specific data) and configures printer and RIP settings. The result is that even novice operators are able to produce highest quality optimised output on a wide range of media, says the company.

The SureColor SC-S range of 64-inch wide printers have been designed specifically for the demands of 'high quality, high-productivity' signage and display graphics applications. Offering up to 11 colours (including white and metallic) and productivity up to 95m2/hr, the SC-S series requires minimal operator intervention. They deliver a number of significant benefits such as automated media alignment; automated printhead cleaning; and an advanced auto-tension control (AD-ATC) for accurate media feed and take-up.

More than 200 different print media types are stored in the Dashboard database, with new substrate profiles being added continuously. Epson has partnered with the leading third-party RIP manufacturers to ensure compatibility. Since the database is held online, the latest EMX profiles are always applied; useful in the event of a RIP being updated, or the requirement of a new colour profile standard.

The Control Dashboard also provides a range of printer status and diagnostic features. It allows device firmware updates and can display service information. The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X, as well as support mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Dominic Fowler, Product Manager, Epson Europe said: "What would have taken an operator several hours to perfect is now available at a click of a button. It's another demonstration of Epson's commitment to improve and deliver solutions to maximise productivity and profits for print services provider."

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