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Brett Martin expands transparent sheet range

transparent sheet supplied by Brett MartinNew PETg offers clarity, durability and easy thermoformability.

Brett Martin, who make plastic products for the construction, fabrication, print and display sectors globally, has expanded their transparent sheet range with the introduction of Marpet-g FS.

This durable and impact-resistant PETg sheet offers optical clarity and light transmission, superior chemical and fire resistance, and easy thermoformability, as well as being fully recyclable. It can be used as an alternative to polycarbonate, solid acrylic and PVC sheets in a broad range of applications.

"The addition of Marpet-g FS completes our range of transparent sheets, making us Europe's one-stop shop for transparent flat sheet plastics," said Duncan Smith, Semi Finished Sales Director Brett Martin. "Because it is suitable for so many different kinds of processing, it can be formed into complex shapes, making it an ideal product for use in sign, display and store fixture applications such as illuminated advertising and point of sale equipment. Its durability and impact-resistance make it suitable for use in glazing applications such as machine guards, vending machines, office partition screens and shower surrounds. While its UV-resistance means that it also lends itself well to outdoor applications such as bus shelters, trolley parks, poster covers, kiosks and public signage."


About Marpet-g FS

Marpet-g FS (PETg) is an amorphous polyester that does not crystallise when heated, which makes it ideal for uses in fabrication and vacuum forming. As well as both hot and cold bending techniques because it will not whiten or crack. It also maintains its high impact strength during processing, which means that in addition to thermoforming it can be easily laser-cut, sawn, drilled, welded, edged, riveted, die-punched or die-cut using steel blades. Polishing of PETg is possible using mechanical, flame and solvent polishing techniques. Resistant to most chemicals and atmospheric pollutants, as well as UV light for up to five years Marpet-g FS is suitable for both screen printing and direct-to-substrate digital printing. And vinyl graphics can also be easily bonded to it. Marpet-g FS also doesn't require pre-drying, which will help thermoforming manufacturers to save both time and money.

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