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Brett Martin showcasing sustainable plastic sheets at K 2022

router working on Brett Martin substrate
Foamalux Eco is a lightweight, easy to handle, cut and bond PVC foam

Brett Martin will be exhibiting its range of plastic sheet solutions at K (19th - 26st October) on stand D46, Hall A, Messe Düsseldorf, highlighting the company's dedication to sustainable plastic solutions.

Brett Martin's recently launched Marlon BioPlus will be a product highlight on display, demonstrating a significant step towards a carbon neutral polycarbonate (PC) sheet. This innovative PC sheet offers dramatically reduced environmental impact by switching from fossil-based resins to resins certified as 71% bio-circular through a mass balancing manufacturing process. 

Additionally, the company's long standing Eco range of products - including Foamalux Eco, Foamalux Xtra, Marpet-g FS Eco, Marcryl FS Eco - will be on the stand. The range reduces waste to landfill by reusing Brett Martin's own production waste in the manufacturing process. 

Manufactured from up to 80% reclaimed content recovered from production and post-consumer signage waste, Foamalux Xtra is Brett Martin's answer to green substrate alternatives. It comprises a reclaimed black core, sandwiched between one or two surfaces of premium quality, virgin white PVC, providing the optimum surface for signage and display printing.

Foamalux Eco is a lightweight, easy to handle, cut and bond PVC foam product has up to 80% reclaimed post-production waste content, reducing landfill and making it a greener choice of foam PVC. Its versatility offers designers unlimited application possibilities in the creation of interiors, shop outfitting, signage, contemporary displays, product design and fabrication.

Marcryl FS Eco is Brett Martin's flat extruded acrylic sheet made with at least 50% regrind. Perfect for DIY applications, this product reduces the amount of acrylic that goes to landfill. The regrind is produced on-site under closely monitored conditions to ensure consistent quality. 

Marpet-g FS Eco, which also contains at least 50% reclaimed material, is a clear copolyester PET sheet which can be thermoformed without pre-drying, allowing it to be formed at relatively low temperatures. It can be formed into complex shapes which makes it ideal for use in sign, display and in-store fixtures, as well as illuminated advertising and Point of Sale. Its durability and impact resistance also make it ideal for glazing applications such as machine guards, vending machines, partitions and shower surrounds.

Brett Martin remains committed to sustainable practices. The company's 6.42MWp solar installation feeds directly into its manufacturing site, whilst its on-site 99.5m wind turbine, generating 2.3MWp ensures a reliable year-round supply of renewable energy, particularly productive in the winter months, when the solar farm is least active. The amount of carbon emission saved by these dedicated sources of renewable energy is around 1,732T per annum. All Brett Martin products showcased at K are suitable for medium to long-term use and can be recycled at end of life through mechanical, chemical or energy recovery methods.

Members of the Brett Martin team will be available on the stand to discuss any queries. 

Ian Noble, Sales Director, Brett Martin, comments:  "We are delighted to be attending the K-Fair 2022. Sustainability is a growing societal goal across the plastics industry. At Brett Martin, we are proud to produce high quality innovative plastic sheet solutions that serve a purpose and are highly sustainable. This, combined with our broad portfolio and set of capabilities from production, application know-how to customer service, makes us the ideal partner for our customers to rely on. We are looking forward to showcasing our comprehensive portfolio of plastic sheet solutions at K-Fair 2022."



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