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Transform, renew and protect a boat with wrapping

boat wapped in Ritrama RI-Wrap marine filmThe RI-Wrap Marine self-adhesive materials from Ritrama are the 'ideal solution for the customisation and renewal' of every kind of boat. Lower costs and time saving, make it profitable compared to traditional painting, says the company.

If the signs of time passing by start to show on your boat, or if you simply want to change the colour, forget about painting and switch to boat wrapping, says Ritrama.

Painting needs time, days of boat stop and, above all, is expensive. Paint has to be constantly polished and treated with special products.

With Ritrama films you can 'change the colour quickly and inexpensively as well as guarantee a very high level of protection from UV rays. And you do not lose colour'.

Boat wrapping films
The range of Ri-Wrap Marine self-adhesive materials includes three shades of blue; two grey; and a white. The particular use has needed the development of a different kind of film compared to a vehicle wrap. It's highly waterproof in order to protect the boat and scratchproof. Ritrama are the 'only producer of a nautical specific, high-quality film all over the world'.

It is possible to also use their range of films such as matt shades, chrome shades, glossy shades and carbon or leather-like textures on the boat. After the application the parts most susceptible to damage are covered with a scratchproof film, which results in the same characteristics of the nautical films.

How it works
The application is 'easy' and has to be done by Ritrama Certified Application Centres technicians. There's no need for any particular preparation, no abrasive material is used, and no material is taken away. It takes about a day to finish a 9 metre long boat, then the films needs to rest for about 48 hours. Apart from complete wrapping, it is also possible to put on special decorations or simple details such as stripes and personalised logos.

Advantages of boat wrapping
Painting a boat is a very hard operation, that can require up to 15 days, and has to be made in special structures. Boat wrapping can be finished in a few days.

    Main benefits, according to the company
  • Reduced application time and boat stop
  • No need to dismantle the boat
  • Affordable price, definitely cheaper than painting
  • More resistant and long lasting than painting
  • No colour loss
  • In case of damage of the film only the ruined part will be removed and replaced
  • No need of special maintenance: just use water and soap
  • Reversible operation
  • The film will protect the original paint from sunrays and scratches
  • Possibility to also cover dashboards and other boat parts
  • Can be applied anywhere above the waterline
  • Gives the chance to renew the look of the boat, choosing between a vast range of colours and textures
  • Possibility to create personalised logos and graphics.


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