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Blackman & White 'look to the future' of British manufacturing

The versa tech cutter at the sign showUK-based specialist manufacturer Blackman & White (B&W) showcased its flagship 3.2m wide Versa Tech cutter at Sign & Digital UK 2015, which they say demonstrates the best of British innovation and engineering.

This was the official launch in the UK for the Versa Tech, designed and manufactured by B&W from its base in Essex.
The Versa Tech is the most recent addition to its MasterCut range, and it offers 'versatility and accuracy'. Crease, kiss cut, router, drag knife, oscillating knife and driven rotary knife and laser all available on a single conveyor or flatbed heavy-duty table.

Managing Director Alex White said: “We’ve been supplying cutters to the marine and boating industry for more than 50 years now, and we moved into sign and display around 10 years ago when a sign company approached us to develop a laser cutter for use on textiles. We’ve never looked back.
“Over the last few years, Blackman & White has developed from being a company that manufactured bespoke cutters for individual client needs, to developing and manufacturing cutters that are still tailored to the industry, but built in much higher numbers.

“British manufacturing is alive with innovation, and our team has shown talent and dedication in developing the Versa Tech.”

B&W is the only UK manufacturer of large format cutters for the sign and display industry. Around 60 per cent of their machines last year were manufactured for the export market, and they have around 800 machines installed worldwide.

“The textile print market is continuing to grow at a faster pace than any other media in the sign and display market, and that’s where our laser cutting option really comes into its own,” says Alex.

About the Versa Tech
The Versa Tech is modular, and customers are able to purchase one tool initially, then add others over time to meet increasingly varied production needs and spread the cost. Dual driven tooling with interchangeable ‘drop-in’ tools, both oscillating head and driven wheel, allows for easy and quick change of cutting technique.
The Versa Tech is able to cut widths up to 3.2m, and to carry out long production runs on heavy duty materials such as acrylics and DIBOND, thanks to the addition of a 2.5kW water-cooled router. The 100w laser is an option for textile cutting.

The machine runs on a linear rack, keeping costs down as no belt replacement is needed, and ensuring accuracy is maintained over time.

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