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Folex-Regulus backlit film

Display board showing the Folex Regulus backlit film with an image on itDemands on printers continues to grow as deadlines become shorter and image quality expectations increase, with clients wishing to show their products or services in the very best way so they 'stand out, from the crowd', says Folex.

Folex-Regulus has continued to push the limits of performance with a new backlit called SI 448. Key feature is a quick dry, fast ink absorption coating allowing printers to print 'real' roll to roll production speeds, so backlits are ready to deliver in the tight deadlines required. The 'attractive satin, front printable structured surface provides a highly vibrant, brilliant impression to any backlit display'. The film is suitable for solvent, eco/solvent, latex and UV inks. It is 220 my thick and available in 1067, 1370 and 1524 mm rolls.


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