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Routing/cutting systems offer high performance to cost capability

The Axyz Infinite CNC Router
Installing an Infinite 6010 has enabled Zeta Specialist Lighting to treble productivity..
The Axyz Innovator CNC router.
The smaller format AXYZ Innovator will fit into small spaces.

For over 30 years AAG has provided a wide range of bespoke and standard CNC routing/cutting systems under its primary AXYZ power brand to provide a higher performance-to-cost capability for sign manufacturers. Typically, these include the large format multi-purpose AXYZ Infinite and smaller format AXYZ Innovator combined routing/cutting machines, which share common design and build characteristics but in sizes and at prices relative to individual production requirements.

The AXYZ Infinite has been described by AAG as “the most versatile and configurable routing/cutting solution currently available”. Key design features include a solid steel frame construction to withstand the most vigorous machine operation likely to be encountered and an aluminium t-slot vacuum material hold-down bed. A new carriage design enables easier access for routine maintenance and servicing and the installation of machine upgrades, an ultra-efficient dust extraction unit for enhanced machine performance and a new misting system for more efficient machine cooling and lubrication during the routing/cutting process.

The smaller format AXYZ Innovator provides many of the attributes of much larger machines in its class and is ideal for installation in workshops where space is limited. It incorporates the same robust solid steel construction as Infinite and is available in two standard sizes (1.2 x 1.2m and 1.5 x 2.4m), with a gantry clearance of 152mm. Innovator features, as standard, the latest AXYZ rack and pinion drive system with integrated servomotors and A2MC machine control system for faster and smoother machine operation.
For the first time on a small format machine, Innovator has an optional three-station ATC system to allow continuous processing of material requiring different tools without operator intervention.

Innovator will process virtually any material normally suited to much larger and more expensive machines including non-ferrous metals, aluminium and other alloys, all types of solid and composite woods, foamed board and acrylic and plastics that are widely used in sign manufacturing.

Productivity trebled and faster delivery

One of the first companies to install the AXYZ Infinite CNC router was Zeta Specialist Lighting. A leading supplier of LED and solar lighting systems and controls to the sign industry, Zeta uses the router to manufacture key components. According to Zeta: “the decision to purchase the AXYZ Infinite followed an evaluation of other routing machines and was based on the reliability, flexibility and price-to-performance capabilities of AXYZ machines confirmed by other owners.” Zeta says that installation of the Infinite has led to a trebling in production capacity and much faster delivery.

The AXYZ Infinite installed at Zeta is the 6010 model featuring a seven-station ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system for work requiring multiple tools, a 10HP high performance routing spindle and the latest AXYZ helical rack and pinion drive system. The router is supported by VECTRIC VCarve Pro design and production software supplied by AAG as part of the package which enables 2D and more intricate 3D work to be undertaken.


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