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AXYZ Automation (UK) - Three in one aluminium composite processing solution

Described as the leading fabrication system for aluminium composite and metal composite materials, PANELBuilder from AXYZ Automation (UK) has evolved from years of testing and field interaction with fabricators of ACM/MCM. The system provides an all-embracing three in one panel processing solution, comprising a specially configured large-format CNC routing machine and a dedicated software program to simultaneously groove, drill and profile-cut single or multiple sheets of material used, typically, in building cladding and large-format sign and display applications. The purpose-built AXYZ CNC triple-head 5018 PANELBuilder router.

The dedicated AXYZ PANELBuilder system can be configured to handle all standard ACM/MCM sheet sizes involving processing areas of up to eight x two metres. Key design features include a triple Z tooling arrangement (complete with three five horsepower router spindles), an automatic tool mister/coolant facility for machining plate aluminium, pop-up location pins for material alignment and a powerful vacuum hold-down system to firmly secure sheets during the routing process. Waste generated during this process is safely removed through a chip-extraction system complete with an automatic vacuum extraction manifold.

The supporting PANELBuilder software includes both 2D and enhanced 3D design and layout capabilities for more complex panel processing requirements, in addition to precise panel nesting to maximise sheet utilisation and automatic tool path creation. Once a panel cyanotype has been created, it can be saved with parametric values for recall at any time. Panels can be easily created by changing the dimensions of the design, adding these to the job schedule and finally nesting onto the materials to be processed using the software’s powerful nesting solution. Significantly, PANELBuilder software is supplied loaded with many usable existing panel designs to help start-up and accelerate panel processing. It will also link with and enhance existing software programs to increase the ability to create panel blanks for ACM facade systems.

The system is supported with a comprehensive range of specially designed cutting tools and accessories to accommodate multiple panel processing requirements. These include tools to profile materials in a thickness of between three and six millimetres, those that will provide the required fold angle and bend radius and specially configured tool options for the processing of exotic materials.

The PANELBuilder system is backed by a comprehensive training programme to ensure the benefits are fully understood and maximised by operatives, together with ongoing technical support from the AXYZ team of dedicated engineers.

For further information, visit www.axyz.co.uk or by telephone on 01902 375 600.

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