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Upgraded automatic tool change facility for AXYZ routers

Owners of AXYZ CNC routers now have the benefit of a larger (up to 21-station) Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility to accommodate work that has multiple tooling requirements. The AXYZ 4008, in particular, is a preferred routing solution for this kind of output, with numerous installations testifying to the router's high-performance and reliability that are based on the same robust components of the larger and heavier AXYZ machines.

The AXYZ 4008 has a processing area of 2,440mm (length) by 1,466mm (width). The enlarged ATC facility, incorporating a S-mouse automatic tool tip calibration sensor, provides an easy and convenient way of handling jobs requiring multiple tooling functions based on a choice of either a seven- or 21-station carousel-style system. The router is of a steel and aluminium CNC-machined construction incorporating a five horsepower Elite spindle and zoned vacuum bed.

Other key features of the router include the new AXYZ A2MC machine controller that accepts industry-standard G-code programs from virtually all CAD/CAM systems. It claims to offer the highest level of machine control capabilities currently available and delivers much smoother and faster motion based on S-Curve (Seven Segment Velocity) trajectories. For processing large 3D files, a DNC drip feed interface is also available. The machine also features a fully functional AXYZ controller with over 75 operator-programmable functions, extended Z-axis height and multiple spindle options (including quick-release tooling). To further increase the router's capabilities, multiple gantries can be incorporated. The machine also includes an extruded vacuum chamber with integrated 'T' slot clamping system, high-speed and high-torque drive motors and high-tolerance Star brand linear ways and bearings. The processing length can be configured to accommodate different production requirements in increments of 600mm.

For further information, visit the website www.axyz.co.uk or telephone 01902 375600.

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