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New sustainable architectural films for a great finish

dining table under lights with two chairs
A bathroom decorated with Architectural film
Sleek, modern and stylish finish
dining table under lights with two chairs
Architextural's new All Decor range includes 15 natural and realistic finishes

Architextural, part of William Smith Group 1832 has announced a new partnership with Decal with the introduction of their PVC-free All Decor 2d range.

The range includes 15 natural and realistic finishes that combine aesthetic and design with effectiveness and functionality. A textured non-PVC architectural film, this decorative polypropylene (PP) film has a formulation that is free of halogen, plasticizers and formaldehyde components, perfect for applications where sustainability is key.

The new films can be used to create new ambience with versatile design options in a range of wood grain, metallic and stone finishes. The Decal All Decor 2d range also provides the option for unique personalisation through UV LED and latex printing technologies. 

Produced using an abrasion and scratch resistant transparent thermoset varnish topcoat and primer adhesive for easy application. Its composition ensures resistance to water, humidity, and mould, as well as resistance to light and ease of cleaning.

Decal All Decor 2d is suitable for application onto interior flat and simple curved surfaces such as ceilings, walls, doors, furniture, and other design elements, in areas that require a balance between durability with advanced design.The range also boasts 10-year minimum durability for interior applications.

Want to find out more about the possibilities provided by Decal All Decor 2d? For a sample pack, contact the William Smith sales team today on 01833 690305 or e-mail info@architextural.co.uk

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