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Applelec introduce Super Orbis LED

Super bright Super Orbis is a cost effective LED system which delivers bright, uniform illumination for large scale flex-face light boxes.

The market leading brightness of 235 lumens, delivered by the 6300k Nichia LED, ensures fewer modules are required per linear metre than is necessary in other LED systems; and with fewer modules required, the system costs are significantly reduced. Designed for use in large flex-face light boxes and other extruded light box systems, Super Orbis LED is ideal for light box systems with a minimum depth of 120mm.

As well as offering the exceptional 235 lumen brightness, Super Orbis LED provides an extremely energy efficient module with a luminous efficacy of 93 lumens per watt. Exceeding qualifying criteria of the UK government's ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowances) Energy Scheme, Super Orbis offers an energy efficient alternative to fluorescent tubes, with all the benefits inherent to an LED system - without the high price tag.Super Orbis LED by Applelec

The key to the module's exceptional performance is its special batwing lens which distributes light forwards in wide batwing or M shaped beam to create uniform illumination from fewer modules. Indeed, in a 200mm deep flex-face light box just four modules per square metre are required to deliver advertised brightness levels, drawing only 2.52 watts per module. With an IP65 rating, Super Orbis is suitable for interior and exterior applications, and is easy to install with each module featuring a self adhesive backing and spaced at 60cm intervals along a flexible chain system.

Applelec supplies a range of LED modules for use in lettering or signage systems, which can be purchased in kit form or within fully fabricated signage supplied ready for installation. Super Orbis LED's suitability for a specific light box solution neatly complements the current range of LED modules available from Applelec, which includes industry leading Sloan and Permlight LEDs. Applelec's LED experts are able to provide full details on the most appropriate LED system to select for any sign project and can provide cost comparisons to fluorescent tube systems where appropriate.

For more information visit www.applelecsign.co.uk or call 01274 774 477/ 01442 500 050.

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