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APA reveal new self adhesive mirrored window films

A day and night image with different shades of window film on glass
The range not only offers privacy, but can help to regulate overheating in rooms

APA presents the latest addition to the INTERIOR DESIGN SOLAR BUILDING line, a self-adhesive mirrored window film that helps filter sunlight while maintaining excellent visibility.

Self-adhesive films for windows help filter the sunlight while retaining good visibility. These films can be used to reduce overheating inside the rooms or simply enhance privacy as well as aesthetic appearance. The surfaces of all the films have undergone an anti-scratch processing. We recommend carefully assessing the type of film to be used based on your needs before applying, by meticulously examining its features on the product’s data sheet.

The film enhances the privacy effect both during the day and at night thanks to a double layer of metallised and blackout polyester.

Thanks to its high reflective power, the film significantly reduces heat transmission and almost all UV rays, reducing internal room heat.

The application must be carried out using the wet method on the outer side of the glass and is also suitable for double-glazing applications. The surface of the film has an anti-scratch treatment that is easy to clean and preserves transparency over time.

SF/WX-971 is the optimal solution for decorating office glass that requires increased privacy, hiding the view inside the premises without obstructing the view to the outside.

The increased privacy effect is even more evident at dusk when the artificial light inside is more intense than the natural light outside.



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