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APA launches camouflage effect vinyl film

As a pioneer and supporter of wrapping, APA continues with the research and the defining of vinyl with varying different effects, paying close attention to the most followed trends as well as anticipating and creating new fashions.

It is with this in mind that the company has developed and produced the Camouflage Effect, an evergreen now in fashion.

APA Safari Vinyl

The new line of Camouflage at the moment consists of two variations, but the Milanese company is already working on other variations of the same effect but with different colours, to incorporate into the range.

The first version depicts the warm hues of sand and desert and is called Safari Camouflage, whereas the second one perfectly reflects a flourishing forest, hence the name Forest Camouflage.

An effect much awaited and desired by the lovers of nature and adventure that now can completely or partially wrap their own vehicle, in accordance with their taste.

The APAWrapFILM is specifically designed to completely cover flat and curved surfaces, has a perfect adhesive quality and is quicker to apply than doing the classic paint-job: an off-the-road motor, a SUV, a car, and other vehicles, thanks to the expert hands of skilled professional decorators trained by APA, can, in a short period of time be 'camouflaged'.

For more information on APA's products please call 0208 311 4400 or visit www.apaspa.com

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