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Anti-graffiti film launched by Neschen

Solvoclear Easy Protect launched by Neschen is what they claim to be its best anti-graffiti film yet. Solvoclear Easy Protect, it is a low-priced, general purpose anti-graffiti film which is able to retain its glossy appearance even after having been surface cleaned several times.

Solvoclear Easy Protect is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use with traditional photo prints, inkjet and digital print media including paper, polyester and vinyl.

It is manufactured from OPP (oriented polypropylene), an environmentally-friendly material composed of only carbon and hydrogen, with a high gloss finish. It has a siliconised white backing paper and a clear solvent acrylic adhesive on one side and delivers high UV protection.

Sarah Janes, Managing Director of Neschen UK, says: "This new protective film is easy to handle and extremely well priced but what sets it head and shoulders above anything else manufactured so far is that it is highly resistant to a large number of detergents and solvents and, importantly, stays glossy after cleaning. It does not become matt as other films do."

Correctly applied, Neschen's Solvoclear Easy Protect has an expected life span of several years.

For further information telephone 01268 722 400 or visit www.neschen.com

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