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Antalis initiative for a more sustainable industry

The Green Star System™ logo from Antalis
Banner promoting the new Visual Communication Green Star System™ by Antalis

With the help of the Green Star System™ and dedicated trained sustainability experts ready to accompany clients in their transition towards more sustainable solutions, Antalis Visual Communication aims for 75% of its products sold to be rated 3-stars or higher by 2030.

Antalis launches its global initiative for a more sustainable visual communication industry

As a European leader in the visual communication industry, Antalis commits to help its clients’ transition to sustainable signs and displays.

To respond to the urgency of the situation and to meet the growing market demand for alternative solutions and recyclable materials, Antalis is launching its global initiative for more sustainable visual communication.

Inform and innovate for sustainable visual communication

With the global production of plastic having tripled in the last 25 years[1], most countries are driving the reduction of single-use or time-limited plastic objects such as plastic bags.

The visual communication sector, which absorbs 1% of the world's plastic production, has a responsibility to encourage the use of more sustainable materials.

As the European leader of the visual communication industry, Antalis is uniquely positioned to make a positive change. The transition to eco-responsible sign and display materials involves encouraging sustainable practices as well as creating a framework that allows its clients to be more responsibly equipped for tomorrow, through an array of tools and services.

The Green Star System™: A proven rating system to guide clients towards sustainable choices

Building on the success of the Green Star System™ of Antalis’ Paper Division that has resulted in a product offering with 80% of the range ranked 3-star or more, Antalis is now adopting this efficient and objective rating system for its Visual Communication solutions.

The new Visual Communication Green Star System™ considers key factors such as the type of raw material used and the recyclability at end-of-life for each product and attributes a grade from zero to five stars.

This measurement system will allow Antalis’ clients to navigate and make the right product choice from the different types of materials and the multitude of eco-responsible labels. By offering this service, Antalis aims to inform and broaden its clients’ options by sharing data and offering them better and improved sustainable solutions for their projects.

In addition, Antalis pledges that all of its eco-responsible products (from 3 to 5 stars) will be available in the 28 countries where the company distributes its visual communication offer and therefore globally provide sustainable alternative solutions to PVC and composite materials.

“With the Visual Communication Green Star System™, it is now possible to make the right choice among various types of plastic-content materials and the numerous eco-responsible labels.” affirms Xavier Jouvet, Group Marketing & Purchasing Director at Antalis International. “Our customers' confidence is strengthened through access to transparent product information and therefore have the ability to make the best choice to suit their needs.”

For more information on the Antalis initiative and the Visual Communication Green Star System™, click here.


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