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New Sustainable Range of Materials from Amari

A range of sustainable media products displayed by Amari
Customers interested in the new range can request a sustainable sample box containing each product in its available colours and thicknesses

Amari Plastics has announced the launch of a new sustainable collection of media products designed to meet the rising customer demand for environmentally friendly materials. 

The new Amari Sustainable range comprises five new products which have been carefully developed to offer truly sustainable solutions, from source right through to waste disposal and recycling, alongside Amari Plastics’ already successful Green Cast, DISPA and SMART-X solutions.

Customers interested in the new range can request a sustainable sample box containing each product in its available colours and thicknesses. A brochure detailing the new range is also available to access online, along with manufacturers’ product data sheets at amariplastics.com/sustainable.

The latest introductions include at least 25% sustainable content at the manufacturing stage, are genuinely recyclable and are produced in Europe in order to mitigate CO2 emissions. 

“We wanted to offer something different for our customers and create a range that is truly sustainable,” Andy Wighton, Managing Director at Amari Plastics explains. “We researched what sustainable means in real world applications and developed the range to ensure all products would deliver on core environmental goals.

“We set out strict criteria on the percentage of sustainable content in the manufacturing process, the percentage of materials that are recycled, and the manufacturer’s commitment to CO2 reduction. “Finally, the solutions had to be a viable affordable alternative to traditional materials.”

At present there are eight products available within the Amari Plastics Sustainable range – all of which are 100% recyclable. They include:

  • Altuglas™ R-Life EX – an extruded acrylic sheet that features 75% recycled content and is suitable for use in glazing, signage, furniture and retail display. This easy to work with solution boasts a high-gloss finish and is weather resistant.
  • Exolon® Eco – a solid polycarbonate sheet that features up to 40% recycled content and has been specifically designed for security, safety and vandal-proof applications.
  • Vivak® Eco – a polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) sheet manufactured with a minimum of 40% regrind from its own production. Fabricated from a lightweight material with extreme break resistance, it ensures low energy consumption and high durability.
  • Foamalux Xtra – a lightweight and easy-to-handle foam PVC sheet, created with up to 80% reclaimed post-production waste content. Lightweight and easy to handle, the 100% recyclable sheet can be used for signage, digital and screen printing, vinyl applications and more.
  • AkyPrint® – a polypropylene bubble board made using at least 25% recycled material, which offers excellent quality in single and two-sided printing and is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. 
  • Green Cast® – a cast acrylic sheet that is made with 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. It looks, performs and fabricates just like virgin acrylic – even after recycling.
  • DISPA® – a 100% recyclable durable paper board that provides optimal flatness and dimensional stability.
  • SMART-X® – a 100% recyclable lightweight polyester/HIPS foam board suitable for demanding visual communications applications. 

Paul Colley, Service Centre Manager at Amari Plastics South Wales, says: “Gone are the days when greener products had a longer lead-time, which meant customers sometimes were forced to opt for the less green version out of necessity. “With the Amari Sustainable range, all products are in stock and available for next-day delivery, meaning every customer can choose to be sustainable – sustainable by choice.”

The full range is available to order for next day delivery from all Amari Plastics centres, Vink Scotland and Europoint Manchester.


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