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ADS introduces special effect films from MACtac

MACtac PERMAfun a range of vinyl.A choice of five different formulations of the latest PERMAfun range of special effect films from MACtac is now available from the company's primary UK distributor Amari Digital Supplies. Under the MACtac Permafun brand ID, the range includes Crystal Gloss, Brushed Metal, Coarse Grain Wood, Fine Grain Wood and Leather formats. All of the materials have been designed for applications involving flat to gently curved surfaces.

Crystal Gloss is a premium cast vinyl with a high gloss surface and a large concentration of light-refracting additives to enable special effects. It incorporates a high-performance permanent clear solvent-based adhesive and white Kraft liner to ensure stability and to impart a lay flat quality. The film can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications, including fleet marking, equipment ID, logos and general signage.

Brushed Metal is a premium-grade polymeric vinyl with a fine brushed satin texture. It incorporates a high-tack permanent clear solvent-based adhesive and clay coated white paper liner and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and in particular those involving interior design and decoration. When used as an over laminate for the MACtac MACal 9800 Pro series of films, it will create the appearance of brushed metal. It can be used on digital prints to give them a special texture.

Coarse Grain Wood is of a similar construction and shares the same application capabilities as Brushed Metal. It can also be used with the MACtac MACal 9800 Pro series of films as an over laminate to give the appearance of plain wood. Fine Grain Wood shares the same construction and application capabilities, as does the Leather option that can be used to impart the appearance of simulated leather.

For further information, visit website www.amaridigitalsupplies.com or telephone 0115 982 9771

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