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AgiLight introduces new warm white LED series

The new ThinRayz Warm White series from AgiLight.

AgiLight Inc, an innovative developer of high-quality, energy-efficient lighting technologies and products for commercial signage and architectural applications, announces its new ThinRayz™ Warm White series, an ultra-thin, low-profile, warm white LED lighting system.

Designed for both interior and exterior settings, ThinRayz Warm White combines the energy efficiency, high brightness, and uniform coverage of its popular ThinRayz line with a consistent warm white coloration. These state-of-the-art LED modules are ideal for cove, undercabinet, and halo lighting applications where a soft, warm white light is desired.

"AgiLight's ThinRayz Warm White LED modules deliver a warm white look in a colour range of 3000K to 6500K colour temperature that is perfect for both interior and exterior sign and lighting needs, such as halo, cove, and under-cabinet lighting, as well as specialty architectural lighting applications where a warmer hue of white is preferred," said Jens Kautzor, AgiLight's European Area Manager.

"ThinRayz Warm White LED modules are built with a small footprint that fit in tight places and provide consistent lighting for settings such as hotels, restaurants, businesses and much more."

ThinRayz LED on a blue background.

ThinRayz meets European standards for quality and use in low-profile applications and its low profile, ultra-thin form factor, enables lighting of extremely shallow letters and signs as small as 1.5 inches in depth. Its uniform illumination is designed for signage where a warmer presentation is desired and for accent lighting applications that require a warmer tone.

ThinRayz modules run on 12V DC power and are fully compatibility with all AgiLight LED products and power supplies.

Other benefits include super lightweight modules, giving designers an advantage for display lighting and reducing shipping weight and cost.

The new ThinRayz Warm White complements the AgiLight range of LEDs for illuminating a variety of different applications, available in the UK from LED Solutions.

TuffRayz is designed to withstand heat, cold and moisture.

For use in the most severe weather conditions, including heat, cold and moisture, AgliLight provides TuffRayz. The module features a protective molded body and fully potted protection of the circuitry and connections. IP66 rated, TuffRayz will not fail due to moisture or corrosion.

SideWinder is designed as an exceptional product for signs requiring side illumination or narrow beam LEDs. This entry level product is available in red, amber, green, blue and white, and offers a choice of two beam angles (30 degrees and 165 degrees).

Find out more from LED Solutions, at www.ledsolutions.co.uk or telephone 0116 262 5933; AgiLight can be contacted at info@agilight.com

New European Area Manager announced

AgiLight Inc, a leading American LED manufacturer, has appointed Jens Kautzor as its new European Area Manager.

Portrait of Jens Kautzor

Jens Kautzor has more than 10 years sign industry experience. In that time he has worked for a European neon supplier, a sign wholesaler and a retail sign company. Jens is an "Industrie Kaufmann" (similar to a BA) and prior to moving to the US in 1998 he held a sales position with a major German electrical manufacturing company.

Jens relocated from Texas to his native Germany in late 2008. Fluent in both German and English, he also speaks Spanish and French. Jens can be contacted at jkautzor@agilight.com or contact AgiLight at info@agilight.com

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