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Agfa offer business coaching support to wide format printers

Matthew Parker from Profitable Print Relationships (PPR)
Matthew Parker from Profitable Print Relationships (PPR)

Agfa has formally partnered with Profitable Print Relationships (PPR) offering new customers unrivalled added value business coaching support for 2021.

Agfa hosted a webinar last December with print buyer, Matthew Parker from PPR. It was content designed to offer advice to printers, who had diversified into the wide format market, on how to engage more powerfully with prospects and customers and to maximise their investment in a new field. The content was received so well that Agfa has now formalised their partnership with Matthew to go one step further.

All new customers, hitting certain criteria and spend with Agfa, will not only receive the usual high level of service support from the company following installation of a new machine, but in addition will get sales and marketing coaching and mentoring support from PPR paid for by Agfa. Agfa wants to help their customers to get a quicker return from their investment.

Matthew has spent most of his life buying print and has received sales approaches from over 1400 print businesses during his career, so he knows what works and what doesn’t. The new agreement with Agfa offers both one to one confidential business mentoring from Matthew or full day workshop masterclasses which cover topical issues like ‘How To Stop Buyers Choosing On Price’, ‘Realistic Sales Planning and ‘How To Sell Print Using Social Media’.

Bobby Grauf, Inkjet Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Agfa adds: “This initiative from Agfa is designed to help our customers during what has been a very unpredictable year. Matthew is a knowledgeable print expert, who can offer valuable insight and his advice is packed with actions that can be implemented by customers to help their business. Agfa already offer unrivalled support for new customers from the quality of our engines, to the experience and knowledge of our service engineers and this completes the circle; assistance on how to maximise the investment. It keeps Agfa a step-in front of the pack in terms of customer service.”

To find out more contact your local Agfa dealer or Bobby Grauf directly on 0208 231 4027.


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