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ADS introduces printable static cling film

person applying stafix static cling film to a wallAmari Digital Supplies, a division of Amari Plastics, has expanded its range of sign and graphics and digital printing materials with the introduction of a 'highly innovative and environmentally aware' printable static cling film from Stafix in Finland.

The film dispenses with the need for any form of adhesive. Instead a static charge stored in microscopic bubbles within the film makes sure it sticks firmly to a wide range of substrates. It also eliminates all of the familiar problems associated with adhesive-backed or glue-applied materials such as wrinkling, bubbling and stretching. Whilst making sure it is 'fast and easy' to apply and no messy residual adhesive when its removed.

Available in both white and clear formats, Stafix Litho, HP Indigo-compatible sheets and complementary UV inkjet rolls also have strong environmental credentials. The non-PVC films are made from 100 per cent recyclable polypropylene, have no conventional solvent-based adhesives and can be disposed of, as required, without problems associated with incineration and no toxic fume emissions.

Stafix is recommended for indoor and short-term outdoor sign and display applications such as in-store POS and promotional displays, street marketing and advertising campaigns, decals, posters and banners. It can be applied to and purposely removed from a wide range of substrates, including glass and acrylic commonly used in traditional sign and display applications. As well as more specialist surfaces like marble, wood, metal, brick and stone.

Depending on the prevailing environmental conditions, the films will adhere on average to any surface for up to three months and can be liberally removed and reused as required.

Stafix is available direct from Amari Digital Supplies or at local branches of Amari Plastics.


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