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New sign making accessories from ADS

heat master gun and solvents

Amari Digital Supplies (ADS) has introduced a full range of application tools and accessories for customers in the sign making and vehicle wrapping sectors.

The range comprises SOTT application tools and surface cleaning agents such as the Blue Max window squeegee and performance handle, and the HeatMaster heat gun. The former is described as the 'ultimate solution' for wet applications involving heavier-duty films, such as those used for safety signs, solar window graphics and laminated digital prints. While the latter is 'idea'l for vehicle wrapping and window tinting applications. The Right Off adhesive remover will remove adhesive residue in two minutes, according to ADS. As well as eliminate environmental pollutants such as grease, grime and tar.

The range also includes four types of knife-less tapes. The first of these will improve material conformability around vehicle bumpers, door handles and mirrors. While the second option is 'excellent' for vehicle striping by allowing stretching and redirection of the material being applied. The third option is for the application of perforated window films. The fourth option, Total Seal, is a 'fast and easy' solution to edge sealing problems in vinyl applications. It comprises a clear acrylic lacquer containing UV-blocking agents that dries in around 10 minutes after application.

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