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Ad-Cassette new banner display system

Ad-Cassette-Galebreaker-bannerGalebreaker Ad-Cassette is a new innovative system for displaying advertising banners at high level on both external and internal walls.

Banners are changed quickly and easily at ground level by one person in just a few minutes. Ad-Cassette does not require any lifting equipment, cherry-pickers or ladders to change the banners. The changeover is such a simple process that no contractors are needed. The built in self-tensioning system ensures a professional flawless display.

Ad-Cassette offers dealers a great opportunity to take a new product to market according to the company. Made exclusively in the UK by a manufacturer of related products, the system is only sold through the Ad-Cassette dealer network. Each system is sold without banners thus allowing re-sellers total flexibility and the opportunity of further sales. It is anticipated that Ad-Cassette will generate regular income for dealers as end users take advantage of being able to easily and frequently change their advertising message. Dealers can expect gross margins of up to 53% on RRP and will receive ongoing comprehensive support from the manufacturer.

Ad-Cassette is available in standard billboard poster sizes from 16 sheet to 96 sheet or can be made-to-measure for bespoke installations. The system is supplied with a secure key operated 220 Vac electric drive. There is a 12-month guarantee.


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