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AAG takes online product sourcing and training to a new level

Computer, tablet and mobile screens showing the new website.
Mobile responsive new website.

Leading supplier of high-performance CNC routing, cutting and engraving machines to a wide range of disparate industries, AAG (AXYZ Automation Group) has completed a radical revamp of its 24/7 CNCShop e-commerce division. Significantly, this now includes the WARDJet range of waterjet cutting systems, accessories and spare parts that followed acquisition of North America-based WARDJet by AAG’s parent company in Canada.

The new CNCShop online site has a fresh and vibrant look that reflects the constantly evolving CNC industry and its ability to enable greater automation in workplace settings. AAG customers now benefit from much faster and easier remote access to a continually expanding range of essential spare parts, accessories and consumables for both traditional AXYZ CNC routing/cutting and WARDJet waterjet cutting systems. This is attributable to a more streamlined page navigation capability involving excellent search filters, an on-demand facility for renewing and/or updating previous orders and the ability to speak with a technical engineer to ensure that the products selected are the most appropriate for a given application. Collectively, these enhancements will enable customers to maximise the performance of and the investment made in any machine supplied by AAG.

Adding a new dimension to these capabilities is the access that customers now have to bespoke product training courses and machine maintenance programmes. These can be conducted either by remote diagnostics or, if required, on-site visits by an AAG application engineer. Further support is provided via links to videos of AXYZ and WARDJet machines in application that allow interaction with a CNC machine specialist. 

The CNCShop site is clearly segmented to cover the widest range of production tools, accessories, spare parts and consumables ever likely to be required. These include router bits, collets and cones to accommodate different types of high-speed routing spindles, oscillating and tangential knife-cutting units and a sensor device to enhance the performance capabilities of waterjet cutting machines. Supplementing these are special-purpose tools that includes a compression tool for processing difficult materials like laminates and composite woods, a diamond cutting tool for perfect edge-finishing of acrylic and plastic sheets and long-reach tools for foam and similar soft materials.

For further information, visit https://uk.cncshop.com or telephone 01952 291600.


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