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AAG launches new and upgraded website

A leading global manufacturer and distributor of industrial-class CNC machining solutions, AAG has launched a new and radically upgraded website. Visitors to aagcnc.com will now have easier and faster access to comprehensive information about AAG’s AXYZ, WARDJet and CNCShop.com power brands and the full range of tailored CNC routing/cutting and print finishing, waterjet cutting and essential spare parts, accessories and consumables available respectively via these brands.

In addition to enabling companies to increase automation in the workplace and consequent business growth, competitiveness and profitability, aagcnc.com will open up a host of new opportunities. These will not only fuel further expansion within the industries in which these companies specialise but also and significantly open up new opportunities for engagement with other industries due to AAG’s internal strategy of greater market diversification.

Innovative new features of the website include information on the specific industries in which CNC machines supplied by AAG have become a preferred choice and a section entitled ‘Featured Work’ which highlights major projects undertaken by AAG customers and in which AXYZ and WARDJet machines have been pivotal to their successful completion. A history of AAG, from inception to the present day, which includes the origins and evolution of the AXYZ, WARDJet and CNCShop.com brands and details of AAG global locations serve as a fitting conclusion to the new website.


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