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3M extends its range of Fasara decorative films

3M Fasara Decorative Films being shown outside3M Fasara Decorative Films

Providing more creative possibilities for graphics producers and interior designers, the Fasara range of decorative films is now available in 54 different patterns, including gradation, stripe, border, prism, fabric, frost and matte. The films represent a fraction of the cost of etched or sandblasted glass and can be used liberally in a wide range of applications, including primarily those for buildings in the retail sector, pubs and restaurants, leisure facilities and office environments.

These tough and dimensionally stable films have a special application in providing personal privacy by obscuring the view through interior and exterior glass windows and partitions as well as adding decorative effects to these and other glass surfaces, borders and illuminated displays. Using a pressure-sensitive adhesive, the films allow for wet or dry application and are easily installed on-site with little or no business downtime. They can also be easily removed and reapplied as brands or designs change over time.

The low-gloss surface of the films reduces glare and their ability to block up to 90 per cent of UV light reduces fade on fabrics. Furthermore, the rigid and tough construction of the films enhances personal safety in the event of flying glass as a result of breakage.

Fasara decorative films are warranted for five years and available on five-day delivery following placement of order.

For further information, visit www.3M.co.uk/graphicsolutions

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