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Perspex Distribution Ltd

Alupanel being made A multi-coloured Fort Dunlop Sign outside examples of PVC foam signs designed with wide format printers

Luke Martyn, Marketing Manager at Perspex Distribution Ltd, notes that the rise in the use of LED lighting in signage can be beneficial for the end-user, but can also be the cause of many mistakes if not utilised correctly by sign makers.

“Many sign makers are now working with LEDs in house rather than subcontracting this work out,” he explains. “Mistakes using LEDs often leave either  'hotspots' of light where the LEDs are placed too closely to the substrate, or shadows because the light doesn't reach all parts of the sign.” One way to circumvent these issues would be to use purpose-built products like the range Sloan LED signage modules, available from Perspex Distribution. Sign makers will be able to discuss their plans for installation with LED Experts, who can produce schematic drawings to guide the installation of LED modules for even illumination. “We also sell Perspex Spectrum LED, which is specifically designed cast acrylic to diffuse light over the sheet enabling thinner sign depths and bright signs,” adds Luke.

When it comes to choosing the right substrate, the intended application is a key factor in knowing what to pick. When choosing sheets for outdoor signage, sign makers may want to consider Perspex®, which comes with a 10-year guarantee for external use and is therefore suitable for long term outdoor applications. For signage to be developed with wide format printing, there are two purpose-built materials from Perspex that are suited to the job. “Our Palight PVC Foam and Alupanel Aluminium Composite have both been developed specifically for wide format to enable clearer detail on signage,” reveals Luke. For example, Alupanel is now produced with an ultra-white surface for optimum print adhesion.”

Available in a wide range of colours, this material can be used for a number of different projects. And now, in a first for the UK print market, it will now be possible to purchase UK-manufactured aluminium composite sheets as Perspex Distribution stocks the Alupanel® aluminium composite made at a new production facility in Kent. “This local supply chain ensures optimum quality control from raw material to end products as well as fast availability for special requirements,” says Luke. “This is key in today’s fast moving market, and helps us support customer strategies for reliable stock availability from distribution partners.”

To learn more, visit www.perspex.co.uk .

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