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Hybrid Mimaki

Hybrid is Mimaki’s exclusive UK and Irish distributor. John de la Roche, Mimaki’s National Sales Manager, discusses how SUVs could be the future of signage and graphics.

Mimaki’s Solvent/UV ink – SUV – is taking the market by storm, creating visually-arresting finished prints and providing quick drying times as well as near-instant lamination when required.  “It’s like nothing else we’ve seen, and sign makers are understandable getting very excited about its possibilities,” says John. In a world where many sign makers are focusing on getting the overall job out quickly rather than demanding just quick printing, fast-drying SUV ink is meeting and exceeding demands.

Silk printed with Mimaki ink. Mimaki JV400 SUV printer
The arrival of Latex to the market, something John describes as “exciting but not revolutionary”, has also given sign makers new opportunities to expand business. As vehicle wrapping continues to rise in popularity, latex ink has proved invaluable on account of it’s ability to be laminated right away. The continued interest in this wrapping trend is something John attributes to a change in the way we shop. “It’s the result of the internet!” he laughs. “Buying products online for delivery the next day has certainly put more delivery vehicles on the road and therefore contributed to the increase in vehicle livery. The need to be visible to remain competitive is bigger than ever. Therefore eye catching vehicle designs have benefited from flexible inks as well as suitable material. With reference to the latter, media technology has come on leaps and bounds for vehicle graphics.”

But although it’s been heralded as a more environmentally friendly ink than others, the power requirements that are needed to create the heat necessary to cure latex ink negates a lot of these energy-saving benefits. “Mimaki latex ink has a clear advantage over alternatives because of its capability to cure at a much lower temperature,” says John. “This year, Mimaki is turning attention to creating both new inks and machines to help sign makers get the most value for money, performance and eco-responsibility in 2014.”

Already a strong market leader, Mimaki is continuing to evolve and develop products that meet demands, especially in the areas of UV and textile printing. John adds that new machines will also help Mimaki to continue to secure business as customer demands increase.

For more information, visit www.hybridservices.co.uk.

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