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With over thirty years of experience in the printing industry, GiraffePress Ltd. made the move to wide format in 2009. Since then, the company has seen a rise in interest in banners, particularly when it comes to indoor promotional advertising.

“Banners are a lot more cost-effective than other forms of traditional signage,” says Jason Pavlou Managing Director.

“If, for example, you were exhibiting at an exhibition, it is much cheaper to create 2 or 3 Roll-Up Banners than the larger Pop-Up type. Of course, if you wanted a large ‘flowing’ display’, then the modular kind is a fantastic option. These banners do not require electricity, (unless of course you wanted to add lighting), which helps keeps costs down.”

Roll-up banners and modular systems (Centro) are simple to set up, reusable, and graphics can easily be changed on the modular banners to act as a great ‘future value’ product. Roll-up banners are a great choice for start-ups, as they enable companies to get their message across loud and clear at minimal cost. Although they’re a great choice for companies with a limited budget, Jason notes that even large corporations use these as part of heir advertising arsenal. GiraffePress Ltd has clients across an extremely varied range of industries and professions turning to banners for their promotional needs. “The simplicity and cost works well for everyone, but especially for clients that need to travel abroad for exhibitions and seminars. My client base ranges from sole-traders to professional speakers including Nicci Roscoe, right the way through to large corporations and charities” says Jason.

Presenting the market with new opportunities

Since moving into the wide format market, Jason and his team have rapidly expanded their resources, investing in a Roland Versa UV print and cut machine, something Jason reveals to be a shrewd investment. His team are now able to print a varnish (either matt or gloss) adding up to seven coats of varnish to create a beautiful embossed finish. This look adds depth to the finished product, and can be printed onto almost any substrate. The service is a relatively new one, and GiraffePress Ltd. are one of very few companies in the UK currently offering it. There has been an increased demand for spot varnished banners in recent months, in addition to continuing demand for modular display stands. “These stands are similar to the curved pop-ups, except the graphic panels can be easily replaced as required to either one panel or more to fit the clients needs. “For example, if a client had 3 metre stand next week and needed a smaller 2 metre stand in 6 months time, they can just remove one part of the display to suit their needs,” explains Jason.

While banners and other elements of soft signage may have appeared as a hobby-sized market for some, for Jason, this niche has become the company’s biggest seller and has helped it to thrive.

“Print, as an industry, can be broken down into numerous sectors, large format is just one, and even that can be broken down again into smaller sectors,” he says. “Working mainly with banners may appear risky to some, but as the want for this product rises and the market continues to expand, there’s enough demand to prove that banners have become a substantial sub-market of it’s own. There’s enough work out there for everyone to go around”.

For more information, visit www.giraffebanners.co.uk.

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