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Janice Fairfield, Marketing Director at Fairfield Display & Lighting, notes that banners have become not only a more cost-effective option for end-users, but also for sign makers as well.

Growth in technology in recent years has prompted more and more sign makers to take an interest in this market, as it’s no longer an expensive or time-consuming process to create flags and banners. “Because it’s become cheaper to make banners, they can be offered to customers at much lower prices,” says Janice.    

Creating the ideal banner requires the sign maker to take a proactive approach to the initial enquiry, ensuring to ask all the right questions to maximise the chances of ongoing contracts. “A good idea would to offer a price that includes four changes of posters or banners throughout the year, this way the client can be locked in,” advises Janice.

When it comes to conducting these changes, there are a number of tools to make it easy to swap banners in and out, including some new user-friendly systems available from Fairfield.

Putting sign makers in control

Fairfield Displays has just launched Signware, an extensive range for hanging and displaying banners.  

The range includes a profile called Anogotcha, which will hold banners and posters up to 2mm thick.  The profiles are made in 3 metre lengths and can be further customised by sign makers to suit the needs of the job.  With profiles available in colours such as silver aluminium or black, sign makers have control over the size and style of the banner display system to accommodate a wide variety of requests.

“One reason these profiles are incredibly useful is because the aluminium is robust and does not bow, so it looks elegant and will hold even large graphics firmly in place,” says Janice. The system enables banners to be displayed in foyers, theatres, retail stores, schools and public buildings, and so can work well for a number of clients.

Another reason the Signware range is beneficial for sign makers is the fact that it’s been designed for speed.  Utilised by a House of Fraser branch in the Midlands, the system allows staff to change the banners across the entire sales floor in just a few hours using the RoPole tool, which will lift the poster straight up to the ceiling and clip straight into the ceiling grid or the Signware ceiling mount. As poles are available in up to a 6-metre length, they’re ideal for use in retail buildings or restaurants. The Nickken retractable cord system, also available in the Signware line, enables users to simply change graphics by pulling the cord with a pole.

The third system is the Zipline™, which is great for large rollouts during which clients need to hang the same size banner from different ceiling heights.  
“This system allows you to drop a cable down and lock it into the position required without cutting anything,” reveals Janice.  “The added advantage is that if the follow-up campaign has posters of different sizes, it does not matter.  This is an inexpensive gadget that can clip straight into a false ceiling grid.”

To learn more, visit www.fairfielddisplays.co.uk

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