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A Pizazz mount sign over a old sign to make it look nicer and newerpark with sign in the corner held on by signgeer productRed Eyepro 2 manual machineRow of Pizazz Multimounts bolts in different colours

In addition to offering a wide range of tools to assist sign makers with installation, Signgeer also stocks a variety of fixtures and fittings suitable for supporting both interior and exterior signage.

One of the newer additions to the roster is a fixing that holds signage to chain-link fences, aptly named the “Fence Fix.” Developed over the past twelve months, the durable fixing can be adjusted to fit any size fence, is totally reusable, and can be connected to most fencing types including Bastion V Type, chain-link, Heras and mesh. The system works well for common types of outdoor signage such as banners, but is not the only option sign makers have when it comes to fixing soft signage.

“At Signgeer, we have developed our own heavy duty Eyepro 2 manual machine, the only one of it’s kind on the market that gives users the option to fix metal or UV stable plastic eyelets into banners or korrex,” says Louise Gardener, Managing Director of Signgeer. “The plastic eyelets are available in black, white or a clear finish, and are more cost-effective than your traditional metal eyelets.”

To avoid the colours of the eyelets and the colours on the banner clashing, an increasing number of sign makers are opting for Signgeer’s clear fixings. But for those wanting to inject some additional colour into their signage, there are a number of unique standoff locators available that can provide a distinctive finishing touch.

Create a colourful finished project  

Signgeer are distributors of the highly successful Pizazz Multi and Mono Mount standoff locators, which allow sign makers to layer different materials with a stand off of up to 50mm. These fixings are available in a number of different textures and colours, enabling the user to create interesting signage that spares no attention to detail. With prices starting from just £1 a fixing, the Pizazz standoff locators are a cost-effective and practical solution, especially when dealing with the installation of a bespoke project.

“They’re manufactured from UV stable resin and high-quality sold brass rod, and come in a range of 11 colours in matte or gloss as well as in your standard chrome and brass and aluminium finishes,” reveals Louise. In fact, Signgeer has over 150 combinations of Pizazz Mono and Multi Mounts in stock, making it easy for sign makers to find something to suit the needs of almost any project. “We also offer traditional and standard aluminium posts and clips, Velcro, colour headed screws, and snap caps, plus Signgeer’s own manufactured range of stainless steel fixings for hanging signs.”
 For more information, visit www.signgeer.com.


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