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FK Moore

FK Moore is turning attention towards improving value in 2014, looking for ways to help sign makers find quality tools and products for fitting signage at reduced costs.

"We are strengthening our drive to offer our customers value, whilst refusing to compromise on quality," reveals Paul Farrant, Director of FK MOORE. "Whilst many companies look at how to reduce product prices by altering the product itself, we have been very successful in the past at looking for efficiency savings, allowing us the flexibility to keep prices down."

Get the most for your money

When it comes to return on investment, Paul recommends metal sign locators on account of their tried-and-tested performance. "The longevity and secure nature means that sign makers can have as much confidence in the finished product as the client." He recommends that sign makers steer clear of selecting fixings on price point alone, pointing out that like anything, you get what you pay for. Selecting cheaper fittings may seem like a cost-effective way to source materials, but it doesn't guarantee the fixing will last, and almost certainly won't result in repeat business.

"We find when the quality of the fixings are shown to the end user, using the correct material and paying attention to the quality of finish, even if that means at a small increased outlay, it is appreciated," says Paul. "In our experience, clients will choose having the job done right the first time over the cost every time."


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