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Wall covering graphics: Getting the most from your business

In a market becoming ever more competitive, getting in early on new applications could make a huge difference to your business.

Sihl Direct has recently launched its PersoMural range of media designed to help sign-makers exploit the rising demand for wall covering graphics.

Ian Turnbull, Operations Director for Sihl Direct UK, says, "Due to the high dimensional stability and water fastness of Persomural can be hung using everyday wallpaper paste. Lining up patterns after hanging is easy and due to its dry structure it is also easy to remove after use, without any problems. Its high opacity and tight structure enables a perfect covering, even when faced with small cracks and uneven walls.

Wallcovering on display

And the scratch resistance of the PVC-free media makes mounting easy and carefree." The beauty of wall coverings as an application is that there are lots of walls that can be covered. Board rooms, residences and, possibly most interestingly, exhibition stands. Turnbull and his colleagues demonstrated the effectiveness and ease of application of Persomural at the recent Sign and Digital show.

"We printed and applied our own graphics to our stand and if i say so myself, made a pretty good fist of it. This is less expensive than having custom-built exhibition graphics and we could see several more stands with wall coverings this year."

Sihl's Persomural comes in a range of formats, allowing for different types of application. Some already have paste on them and just need water applied, others are the same as normal wallpaper and can be applied using standard paste. "I am no DIY expert, but as long as you are patient and careful, most people can apply wallpaper to a reasonable standard. We are seeing this product increase in popularity and expect this to be a massive growth area in the coming months," Turnbull concludes.

For more information please call 0161 927 9051 or visit www.sihl-direct.co.uk

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