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Unit B, Ainley’s Industrial Estate, Ainley Bottom, Elland, Halifax HX5 9JP
Tel: 01422 310 800

HPC Laser is the UK’s leading supplier of CE and UKCA compliant laser engraving and cutting machines and CNC routers. Established in 2007, our team of skilled engineers have delivered, installed, serviced, maintained and supported over 7000 Laserscript machines across the UK to schools, colleges, universities, signmakers, trophy engravers and hobbyists.

Our range of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines range from 35W to 220W and bed sizes from A4 to 3000mm x 2000mm. We offer laser power upgrade options depending upon the material and thicknesses to be processed and our modular design allows our larger machines to be part-disassembled to fit through a single doorway. Click HERE to learn more about our CO2 laser machine range.

For materials which are too thick for laser cutting or for materials which are incompatible with laser such as Dibond, aluminium, polycarbonate, PVC and carbon fibre our range of CNC routers offer an affordable and flexible solution. Please click HERE to learn more about these machines.

If engraving is something you want to look at then we offer a range of CO2 and fibre galvo laser engravers which are capable of engraving at very high speeds onto a wide range of materials. Our LSG200 CO2 galvo machines will engrave onto non-metals such as plastics, wood, leather and coated metals. You can learn more about these machines HERE. Our fibre laser engravers are intended for use on uncoated metals such as mild and stainless steels, aluminium, brass and copper. However, they will also produce excellent results on coated metals such as anodising and powder coating and are often also very effective on some plastics which do not engrave well on CO2, particularly plastics with laser compatible pigments added. Our LSE110 comes with a fixed cabinet size for relatively small components but our LS110 is available with a custom made safety enclosure or can even be integrated into a safe room with safety switches and warning lights on access points.

Finally, our range of fibre laser metal cutting machines offer maximum flexibility across a wide range of metals and thicknesses. With laser powers available up to 12kW and compatibility across mild and stainless steels, aluminium, brass and copper, our aim is always to establish your exact requirements and configure a machine with the right laser source and power to deliver the capability that you’re looking for at a price that won’t break the bank.

All of our products are supported by a fleet of experienced mobile engineers offering delivery, installation, servicing and maintenance. All our PRO machines are covered by a 1 year ONSITE warranty and options are available to extend up to 3 years.

We offer a full range of machine accessories such as water chillers, fume filters, and attachments for engraving rotary components.

We pride ourselves on the high product quality we have managed to reach in our many years of supplier development, together with exceptional technical competence and best product support in the industry. All of our customers benefit from free of charge lifetime telephone support and onsite engineer support is always available for more complex issues.

We offer bookable machine demonstrations at our Halifax showroom where prospective customers are able to see our machines processing their designs and their materials.

Established in 2007, over 7000 machines supplied!

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