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GFloor Printable Flooring - Training by Soyang

g floor day2

Following the initial success of their GFloor printable flooring, Soyang recently held a one-day free training session to educate sign makers and printers on the finer points of installation and sales.

The training event took place in the Soyang premises in Lancashire, with about 40 people in attendance.

Given the success of the new product, Sales Director Bill Rothe and Fitter Tony Spratley flew in from the United States to educate the UK market and run the seminar.

“The training day was an opportunity for Soyang’s existing G-Floor customer base to come along and participate in a practical workshop on how to fit it,” explains Mark Mashiter, MD, Soyang. “G-Floor is a unique product, and there are many creative possibilities, so they (attendees) were given insight into how to increase revenue with G-Floor in their portfolio. It was very beneficial to the sign makers that attended in helping them get the best out of their products.”

The day involved a live demonstration, during which the G-Floor was fitted in the Gymnasium. Tony took three pieces of material that needed joining together, and showed attendees how to put the material down with adhesive, and how to finish it on the edges and seal it properly.

G-Floor printable flooring has proven to be successful with printers looking to provide their client base with the latest in rich graphic media. The product is designed for use with both UV and solvent inks, and can be printed onto directly for second surface viewing. For any sign makers looking to offer vinyl floor graphics, the product is ideal, and the interest in it can be seen when looking at the turn out for the training event.

While there are no immediate plans for another training day, Mark says the team are looking at other possibilities, such as a road show, for the future. “When you get people together under one roof, in almost a classroom setting if you will, the focus is much more apparent,” he says. “When people are outside their own working environment, they’re quite relaxed and very focussed on what they’re coming to see.”


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