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Bridging the gap between design concept and final installation

Phillips arc app on a tablet
Phillips arc app home menu design on a tablet and phone

Philips Professional Display Solutions’ has launched Arc, an immersive augmented reality app. Designed to extend brand engagement, the Augmented Reality Configurator (Arc) has been received as “a game changer” by both partners and clients. By offering the ability to precisely recreate how a Philips PDS signage display would look on any size and type of wall allows partners to ‘walk’ their customers through the product selection process, instantly helping them to find a model and screen size that will deliver the optimal results for their business.

ARc is easy to use thanks to a fully functional augmented reality toolkit accessed via a connected tablet or smartphone to guide the buying process. By using the device’s camera, the app captures and measures any selected space and allows the user to find the most suitable screen by showing selected models mounted on the virtual wall. The app can even automatically populate the space with multiple screens, allowing users to configure a video wall without climbing a ladder or opening their toolbox.

EMEA business management director at Philips Professional Display Solutions, Martin Ware, says: “ARc is a great example of the work our teams are doing to inspire and lead innovation in the AV marketplace. We’ve been blown away by the really positive feedback we’ve received from our partners and they are all keen to get their hands on this useful technology.”


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