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CuttingmatsXXL specialises in transparent and flexible cutting mats to protect your work table. Nr1 table protection for all signage companies. Your blade will cut smoothly through your foil and with the ‘self-healing’ characteristic the surface will stay smooth. Our mats are also widely used on top of all brands of flatbed applicators like RollsRoller, Roll-X, Lamidesk, CWT and Rollover.
The UK’s No.1 trusted brand and original Rhino Cutting Mats. The Rhino Heavy Duty is a perfect heard wearing choice for cutting and workbench protection. Sizes up to 4880 x 1220mm and 3657 x 1828mm. The Rhino SupaSeal is the ultimate self-healing choice for finer knives and scalpels, and designed to work on all brands of flat-bed applicators. Sizes from 1000-2200mm wide up to 20m long.

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