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Unit 1, Surrey Canal trade park, London, SE14 5FZ
Tel: 020 7237 8000

White Villa Ltd specialises in providing sign trade with one-stop sign production solutions. We are UK market leading distributor of aluminium coils. We supply trimless channel letter coils in many different colours, finishes and sizes in solid and perforated forms. All our coils are high quality and competitively priced.


Thickness:   0.6mm
Roll Length: 50 meters

Available returns: 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm & 100mm

Available Colours: White, Black, Red, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Green, Light green, Grey, Orange, Yellow, Brushed gold, Brushed silver, Brushed rose gold, Brushed copper, Mirror silver, Mirror gold, Mirror silver perforated, Mirror gold perforated, Brushed silver perforated, Brushed gold perforated.


  1. Suitable to all kinds of channel letter benders.
  2. All our coils are made of aluminium.
  3. Light in weight and durable. Good weather resistance doesn’t rust.
  4. Used to make 3D sign letters.
  5. Very easy to work with
  6. The surface of the letters can be instantly glued with instant AB glue.

We deliver Nationwide

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