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Eurobond Adhesives
Eurobond Adhesives are a UK based company who specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of high-performance adhesives and sealants. Their products are designed for various industrial applications and known for their quality, versatility, and durability.
The INDASOL range of specialist adhesives offer The Sign Maker the best possible bond on almost any substrate. We have crystal clear adhesives and sealants, 2 part structural products that can pass through powder coating as well as contact sprays for large areas. So whatever the bonding application, The INDASOL range of Sign Makers Adhesives offer a solution to every need.
Sign Trade Supplies has a wide range of double sided tapes and adhesives designed specifically for the sign making industry. The Stykra branded products provide unrivalled performance at an excellent price point. Our range of tapes include Structural bonding tapes, Toffee Tape, Banner Hemming Tape, Single Sided Banner Tape, 1mm Foam Tape, POS tape, Hook & Loop Tape and many more.

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