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LUMA - Illuminated built-up lettering

Built-up letters flush to the Perspex creates both halo and partial side illumination. LUMA Built up Letters with red halo lighting behind LUMA Built up Letters with blue halo lighting behind

Centre Signs (UK) Ltd has recently revealed a new development in illuminated stainless steel lettering, made exclusively in-house at their premises in Leicester.

“We’re proud to introduce our new concept, LUMA™,” says Trevor Cockbill, Managing Director of Centre Signs. “In the past, if your stainless letters required Halo illumination, the opal or clear backtrays were fitted inside the letters. This idea has worked perfectly well for at least 25 years, and probably more.” Due to the introduction of brighter and better LEDs however, Centre Signs has integrated new LED technology and advanced their letter building techniques. “No longer are the backtrays hidden inside the letters with large visible screw heads, but instead, now the backtrays are fully visible and the letter returns are now “flush” with the edges of the backtrays. This enables halo and edge lit illumination at the same time, hence the name LUMA.”

This new and exclusive approach to both halo and edge lit letters enables signmakers to create effective and distinctive signage, using white, blue or red LEDs. As you would expect from Centre Signs, the quality of the lettering is up to our own high standard but still within an affordable price range,” adds Trevor, noting that all the LEDs used in the installations have a rating of IP65 or higher and carry a three-year manufacturer guarantee.

As with all aspects of LED illumination, there are certain restrictions that will apply with regard to Font style and minimum stroke widths, depending on the typeface or font. However, this should not detract from the final product or the stunning visual appearance that is now possible.

According to Trevor, the new LUMA style is ideal for use in retail and POS applications, reception and conference areas, bespoke interior concepts, arrivals and departures, cruise liners, marketing suites and more or less any application in which signage needs to be noticed, day or night. The letter faces and returns from Centre Signs are of the highest quality, and are available in finishes such as either Polished, Brushed (Satin), T22 Gold, Bronze, Rosy Gold, Blue, Green and Magentas. “This is the first stage of the development of this style of lettering, and there will be more to look forward to in the coming months,” Trevor adds.


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