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Benson Signs talks about letter bending machines

Chris Benson from Benson Signs did their research in 2004 and imported their machine from America in April 2005. As far as he knows they were the second company in the UK to buy a letter bending machine.

He said: "This particular machine was designed primarily to produce larger 'Trough Letters' and 'Logos' in aluminium. And in 2011 we belatedly recognised we needed a similar piece of kit to help manufacture smaller letters and logos.

So in May 2012 we invested in a smaller letter bender; this machine was made in South Korea. We continue to produce built up lettering by hand alongside the two machines. Over the years we've found that the equipment, if set up properly, greatly improves our production capacity. However on a cautionary note we would emphasise, as with most automated mechanical pieces of equipment, servicing is a key issue. Bearing this in mind it has been vitally important for us over the years that for the most part we been able to provide our own in-house maintenance. We use both pieces of equipment continually, on many projects."


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