Scotland - Family run Lows is a top supplier of industrial textiles

Machinery at Lows Banner for Discovery Point Historic ship exhibition Lows supplies customers across the UK with a large stock of industrial textiles.
From its origins back in 1986 Lows has grown to be possibly the largest supplier of industrial textiles in the UK. With a turnover in the region of £10 million per annum the company supplies markets as diverse as transport, marquee/ structure, inkjet/ screen printing, marine, sports/ leisure and horticultural. Many products are also produced to customers' own specification requirements.

One of Lows' biggest growing markets over the last 10 years has been its banner/ signage products for screen and inkjet printing and fabrics for the application of vinyl graphics. The company is possibly best known for its supply of sidecurtain fabrics for trucks. More than 60 colours are held as standard, along with its specially formulated side-curtain fabric for inkjet printing that has been taken up by many large chains to advertise with photographic quality on trailers.

Lows of Dundee Ltd is a family run business operating from office headquarters in Dundee, Scotland. Lows has maintained its position as a market leader by holding more than £1 million worth of fabrics in its 32,000 sq ft warehouse facility located in Burnley, Lancashire. This enables the whole of the UK to be efficiently served with the entire range.

Scott Sutherland, General Sales Manager, states "We like to think of Lows of Dundee as the supermarket of the industrial textile world and constantly strive to supply customers with the latest technologies and products."

He also puts down the company's success down to team effort by all personnel in supplying a professional service and it also helps dealing with many diverse markets where when one market is particularly quieter the others will hopefully compensate.

Contact details for Lows of Dundee - or tel. 01382 229251.

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