Spandex wayfinding systems designed by Kunstdünger

Spandex Cable System from Kunstdunger.Spandex is offering a portfolio of products from Italian-based manufacturer Kunstdünger that provides stylish, proven and tested standard solutions for point of sale, showroom and office use.

This line of innovative sign systems enables communication, presentation or sales tools to be given a creative and contemporary look and is widely used by professionals such as designers, artists or sign makers.

Fisso Wall-Mounted Stand Off fasteners provide everything needed to mount panels to walls in a variety of finishes and sizes. The range is perfectly suited for applications that include panel mounted, directional and information signage; door signs; name plates; and multi-layer signs.

Fisso Ceiling and Panel Fixings is a system that offers superior design and functionality to information and directional signage; rigid panel graphic displays; retail advertising; and frame mounting.

Each Fisso range ensures that large projects with a number of size/finish requirements can achieve a unified look throughout the whole project.

An easy way to quickly turn your printed panel into a signpost, an advertising display, a partition wall or a decorative element to any interior area is Pressto. Constructed to give maximum flexibility while safely securing rigid materials in a number of different applications, this is a highly versatile display tool.

Pressto is constructed from two highly designed silver anodised aluminium profiles; one forms the supporting legs while the other is an integral part of the securing mechanism for the display. Panels from 1mm up to 30mm thick can be accommodated easily and securely within the system.

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