Versatile portfolio from Metamark

Metamark offers a wide choice of colours and materials. Today’s signmaker needs a materials portfolio that’s versatile enough to cope with anything that comes his way something the materials company Metamark has recognised and responded to.

Metamark’s MD class digital materials have a very good appetite for ink and, consequentially, says Metamark, have a characteristic depth and potency of colour noticeably lacking in other self-adhesive materials. The market evidently likes the results and Metamark materials are often specified as reference materials by printer manufacturers looking for the most flattering results from their hardware.

Metamark is convinced that the application of digital printing has much broader appeal than is currently satisfied by the legions of purely white materials that are available. Accordingly, it has applied it expertise in manufacturing printable materials to make other materials print compatible. The company offers brushed and mirrored metallic finishes, a totally clear product with cleanly removable adhesive, and a range of window manifestation films.

Printing on an etch effect film adds a dimensional detail or a wash of colour that the unprinted product misses. Metamark’s etch effect films are able to handle the effect of ink without any problems.

The crystal-clear adhesive used on the etch effect films is designed to withstand humidity and extremes of temperature that would compromise the performance of lesser products.

Even when printed, there’s no way Metamark’s adhesive will betray its presence on the applied graphic.

Having a material for every job a signmaker undertakes still means offering a whole range of coloured self-adhesive vinyl for cut and applied applications. Despite the soaring popularity of digitally printed materials, coloured vinyl is still among the industry’s most commonly used materials and its application is widespread.

Selection of the right coloured vinyl is driven in the main by the performance requirement of the end result. Metamark has expended much time and effort in engineering materials that are the equal of the high-speed hardware they have to work with.

Metamark stabilised around a solid formula for its cut and applied products some time ago. With a high performance face-film and adhesive system supported by a highly stabilised liner, Metamark SignVinyl exhibits characteristic that make it a natural choice for signmakers looking for a material that simply works.

Despite the expanded market opportunity and the advance of the hardware technology that’s blurring the edges of the signmaker’s market, there clearly remains room for deep specialisation. Metamark is a good example of this. Signmakers need a material for every job and so Metamark is right there with the answer and is keeping its customers at the cutting and printing edge.

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Range of materials makes Spandex a one-stop supplier

Printable and personalised wall paper from Spandex. Spandex stocks a vast range of products, in the greatest range of widths, for delivery to customers next day. Many materials are available in short length rolls so customers can order exactly what they need to get the job done.


Spandex is the only UK supplier to offer the Avery, 3M, MACtac and ImagePerfect product portfolios making the company a one-stop-supplier for all sign makers and digital printers' day-to-day requirements.

With ImagePerfect Spandex offers the most comprehensive portfolio of carefully selected digital and signage materials to the market. Using the latest technological innovations available, ImagePerfect materials are custom made to Spandex specifications and carefully tested to ensure they meet its stringent quality standards at competitive prices.

In addition, Spandex stocks materials from several other manufacturers plus inks for many popular solvent and UV printers.

Whiteboard and Clearboard Films are two of ImagePerfect’s latest products. These laminated polyester/PVC films have been specifically designed for creating and repairing whiteboards. Both films are resistant to most mineral oils, fats and fuels, aliphatic solvents, mild acids, salt and alkaline solutions. The adhesive has a low initial bond to enable repositionability but builds to form a permanent, waterproof adhesion to most substrates.

Also new are IP 2411 and IP 2412, printable wall papers that have a canvas and sandblast look, respectively.

Due to their non-woven backing, these wall papers are very easy to apply with wall paper glue (for non-woven liner) and have first class removability. The printed material can be cleaned with warm water and soap, using a soft sponge, and the printed graphics are also scrub resistant. Both test results can be categorised as the highest standard in the wall paper industry, says Spandex.

IP 2411 and IP 2412 can be used to personalise home interiors, show rooms, trade shows and many other applications.

For more information about Spandex’s products and services visit or tel. 0800 772633.

3M Controltac™ Plus Graphic Film - Confident vehicle wrapping for Bartuf Graphics

IJ380 has been developed for perfect 3D conformity, even in difficult application areas. The recently introduced 3M Controltac™ Plus Graphic Film IJ380 from William Smith is proving to be a run-away success for vehicle wrapping applications.

Digital print specialists, Hull based Bartuf Graphics Ltd has been delighted with the performance of the material.

"Having been disappointed with the poor performance of all the vehicle wrap vinyls we had tested to date, we trialled the latest 3M offering IJ380 from William Smith," explains Bartuf Commercial Manager, Terry Horscraft. "We were immediately impressed with how well it handled and put our whole installation team through the training course."

IJ380 is specifically designed for application of large format graphics onto recessed and corrugated surfaces. It is a highly innovative film that ‘remembers’ its new shape. Because there are no internal stresses left in the film after application it does not ‘relax’. IJ380 has been developed for perfect 3D conformity, and stays in position even in the most difficult application areas with no need for cutting to relieve stress. This not only enables valuable time savings to be made, but also eliminates many of the risks involved in full vehicle wraps.

"We have used IJ380 on all our vehicle wraps since taking it on board and have had excellent results on all types of vehicles from small cars to large trucks. Areas on vehicles such as deep recesses and complex curves which have always been a problem in the past are now confidently dealt with using IJ380.

"We have worked with William Smith for many years now. They are a company that offer excellent back up and technical support and are always prepared to go the extra mile" adds Terry Horscraft.

For further information, visit or tel. 01833 694707.

Shine on with Nikkalite from Victory

Nikkalite F4300 provides up to five years' durability. Victory Design Ltd provides an array of signmaking vinyls. One of the latest to be added to the range is Nikkalite reflective vinyl.

Nikkalite is one of the leading reflective brands in the UK sign market and a variety of Nikkalite products can be sourced through Victory Design, the main one being the F4300 Series promotional grade.

Nikkalite F4300 is recommended for vehicle markings, commercial and industrial signage and has up to five years' durability when applied using the manufacturer's instructions. It is especially popular with users because of its conformability and soft characteristics, which makes it easy to apply. The Nikkalite F4300 is available in six colours; white, yellow, red, blue, orange and light green, at 610mm and 1220mm wide.

This product also has excellent lay flat characteristics, making it suitable for screen printing.

Don't forget, Victory Design also offer free delivery on all orders over £100.

For more information about Nikkalite and the range of materials from Victory Design, visit or tel. 01246 570570.

Vinyls for signing and vehicle marking

Mutlifix 5000, 3-5 year monomeric film with a large colour range. A long standing product, popular with Victory Design customers, is the Multifix 5000 series. This three to five year monomeric film with a large colour range is particularly well liked because it cuts, weeds and transfers with ease and is ideal for general sign work.

Also available from Victory Design is a variety of Jac sign vinyl products including both a five and eight year range. Jac Graphics, an Avery Dennison company, is a leading manufacturer of self adhesive films. The Jac serical range is recommended for medium life applications such as exterior/interior signage, public transport graphics and point of sale displays. Jac Serisign high performance film has up to eight year exterior durability and is recommended for vehicle and fleet markings, promotional graphics and longer term exterior signage.

Victory Design also recommends Arlon vehicle wrap products featuring X-scape bubble-free technology for full and partial vehicle wraps. Arlon DPF6000X has a high gloss finish and is the ideal choice for complete vehicle wraps. The media is soft allowing for maximum flexibility around curves and deep channels. Arlon DPF 4560GTX is an excellent application for fleet and partial vehicle wraps with flat surfaces or slight curves.

For more information, visit where both the Multifix and Jac vinyl colour swatches are available online. Alternatively, tel. 01246 570570.

Avery Quick Mount - the name says it all

Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Products has added a new and versatile gloss white multi-purpose solvent inkjet film to its Avery Graphics portfolio. With a prime focus on making graphics application (and removal) quick, clean, and easy.

Avery MPI 3601 Quick Mount is a prime candidate for short-life graphics where time is of the essence at the application point, for example, for bus, tram, and other public transport advertising where vehicles are only available for a very limited ‘window’ of time.

A benefit of Avery MPI 3601 Quick Mount's extra-thick 150-micron caliper is its 99 per cent opacity, which makes successful over-posting of existing graphics possible. The high calliper of the monomeric calendered film also makes it very easy to handle and gives a smooth finished result on all flat surfaces.

This special face film is partnered with a high-specification removable adhesive, which enjoys clean removability characteristics for up to a year after application. Taken together, these benefits make the product a useful stock item for exhibition and event graphics, indoor and outdoor advertising, vehicle decoration, and whenever over-posting is desirable.

Developed for printing by super-wide format solvent inkjet and airbrushing, Avery MPI 3601 Quick Mount offers quality print results in addition to its physical properties. It is also compatible with Avery DOL digital over-laminating films for added durability (up to two years) and surface protection.

Avery MPI 3601 Quick Mount is available from Avery Graphics distributors throughout Europe. More information available at

Highly conformable 3M films impart enhanced graphics reliability

A Volvo wrapped with 3M IJ380. 3M Perforated Window Marking Film 8173 was used for the windows. Three inkjet-printable films from 3M are providing outstanding graphics reliability, particularly when used in vehicle graphics applications. They are 3M IJ380, 3M IJ40C and 3M IJ180-10, each of which can qualify to be supported by 3M’s renowned Matched Component System (MCS) warranty. This is recognised globally as the most powerful and comprehensive graphics warranty available. Subject to compliance with 3M specifications and recommendations, it provides a performance guarantee for the entire graphic and each individual component within it (material, ink, printer, etc).

Following extensive research and field trials, 3M now offers a powerful solution to the problem of material adhesion on surfaces with deep corrugations or three-dimensional graphics manifestations found typically on many commercial vehicles. Some graphic films used in vehicle wrapping applications have been known to fail as a result of the material either lifting in the vehicle recesses or cracking due to the high stress levels imposed.

By combining the next-generation 3M Controltac™ Plus Graphic Film IJ380 and 3M Scotchcal™ 8580, this latest 3M vehicle wrapping solution has comprehensively resolved these problems, leading to its use as a preferred solution by a number of major blue chip companies. Described as 'the intelligent printable film solution' with virtually no memory, IJ380 is an ultra-conformable premium-grade, 50 micron-thick cast film with a permanent grey adhesive and gloss finish. It is supported by a five-year external performance warranty and incorporates 3M’s proprietary Controltac™ adhesive technology. This allows the film to be repositioned before activation of the adhesive to ensure precise alignment of the graphics in every application.

Designed for application to flat surfaces, 3M IJ40C includes 3M’s patented Comply™ adhesive technology that assists bubble-free application without affecting the smooth appearance of the face film. With Comply, special channels in the pressure-activated adhesive allow trapped air to escape to guarantee fast and easy application of the film in every situation. IJ40C is a white calendered, 75 micron-thick matt or gloss film incorporating a grey pigmented and pressure-sensitive solvent-based acrylic adhesive and polyethylene-coated paper liner. It is suitable for both exterior and interior intermediate applications, typically signs and displays (including backlit), and fleet and window graphics and comes with a warranty of up to three years.

Developed for medium- to long-term removable signage and fleet graphics (including those involving corrugations and rivets) and offering a performance life of three years, 3M Controltac™ Plus Graphic Film IJ180-10 is a 50 micron-thick white cast film that provides excellent hiding power due to the grey pigment in the adhesive. IJ180C features the Comply adhesive technology and both versions are available in a range of colours. A custom colour-match service is also available from 3M.

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Graficast and Grafitack - Get great resultse-

Grafitack self-adhesive vinyl from Grafityp. Changing the colour of a vehicle couldn't be easier using Grafityp's 10 year cast vinyl, Graficast™.

Neil Varley, managing director at GN Signs Ltd would certainly agree. He was delighted with the final result after Graficast was recommended to him and used for the first time recently.

Neil explained: "Having used cast material from another company in the past, I was put off using cast vinyl when covering large difficult areas on vehicles. On the strength of this job I am now quoting on a fleet of 10 vans as an alternative to spraying."

Graficast is available in 47 high gloss colours, including some with grey adhesive to make it more opaque, as well as metallic silver and gold. Graficast can also be used for many other applications. It is extremely thin and flexible making it easy to conform over indents, rivets and corrugations and because of its make-up, will stand up to the most extreme outdoor conditions.


Graficast is produced by Grafityp in Belgium and takes premier place in the vast range of Grafitack self-adhesive vinyl portfolio.

The Grafitack range holds a vinyl type for every application including the ER Series, which is a GEF film (Grafityp Eco Film). This film is free from chlorine and plasticizers,making it safe for use in schools, nurseries, the food industry and nuclear power plants where the use of PVC signs and products is not allowed.

The 200/300 series is suitable for use outdoors for up to seven years. For short term work like exhibition stands, the Promo Series is ideal; whilst the TR100 & TR101 etch effect materials will provide stunning results in shop windows and on mirrors. These are just a few of the films available from Grafityp which offers numerous roll widths and colours in all their ranges.

For further information tel. 01827 300500, alternatively visit the website and complete the information request form.

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